Dream Rinks

The PJ Diana Goalie School is proud to announce Dream Rinks. Now you can have pro-quality synthetic ice at home.

Ever want to have your own ice rink in your house or backyard? How about not having to go to the rink another extra night all the time?

Dream no more. You can purchase your synthetic ice sheets from The PJ Diana Goalie School and Dream Rinks and build your rink where you need it.

Plus, PJ Diana is available for at-home coaching sessions on your personal rink.

Dream Rinks is not just for goalies; shooters will benefit from a personal rink as well.

All sheets come in 4-foot-by-8-foot sections and include delivery.

Prices per sheet are as follows. (Call PJ Diana to place your order.)

1/8th inch: $159
1/4 inch: $209
3/8ths: $260
1/2 inch: $309