Welcome to Excellence in Training

At the PJ Diana Goalie School, we believe the key to improving is progression – advancing your techniques to become more well-rounded and complete.

We offer goalies of all ages and skill levels the most complete approach to training. Our camps and clinics feature low student-to-instructor ratios so that each goalie gets as much opportunity to work on their skills as possible.

Our instructors are trained to work with developing goaltenders in order to maximize their potential. And every instructor continues to work on his or her skill development as well, ensuring students are being trained by skilled, qualified goaltenders. We teach all styles of goal tending from basics to advanced movements.

The PJ Diana Goalie School understands that training doesn’t end when you come off of the ice. We record all of our training sessions so that our goalies can watch themselves – and others – and continue to learn.

Many of our sessions are broadcast live on our Facebook page. So, even if you’re not here to train, you can still benefit from the expertise and guidance of the PJ Diana Goalie School.

Ultimately we try to make every goalie better so they can advance throughout their playing career. We strive to develop them into great students of the game on and off the ice.

Whether you’re looking to completely revamp your game, just polish some techniques or anything in between, we are to help you become the best goalie you want to be.

Welcome to Excellence in Training; now let’s get to work.