“A league of their own” – news article on our Shannon Szabados camp


Two-time Canadian Gold medalist Shannon Szabados, right, gives a pointer during a female-only ice hockey goalie camp at Hollydell Ice Arena in Sewell,

A reporter from The Courier Post came out to the first day of our female-only camp with Shannon Szabados to do a news story on Szabados, the school and the reason we put this camp together.

A big thank you to Dave Isaac for this wonderful article and for helping us spread the word about getting more females involved in the game – and in the most important position.

Here’s a snippet of the article: (Full story here, too.)

“I started playing hockey when I was 5, and I was on a boys’ team,” Szabados said. “There were no girls teams. I’ve never played on a team with another girl, so it was kind of just natural for me and something I got used to.”

The Edmonton native took her licks growing up as the only girl on an otherwise all-male team, even though she says she’s always had supportive teammates and coaches.

“I think when I played junior there was a few teams around the league where fans were pretty nasty to me,” said Szabados, visiting the Philadelphia area for the first time. “Being a girl in a male-dominated sport or league or whatever the case may be, is always tough. There’s always more going on than should be. As a hockey player you just want to go out there and play and be left alone. The older I’ve gotten, the more accepted it’s become.”

And thanks to Shannon for being a part of our camp and helping us bring more girls to the game.

If you want to see what Shannon saw during the first day, check out Coach Cam from her point of view.

We also loaded up several videos of our first sessions to our YouTube channel. You can check them all out here.